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We create assets that work better, grow in value and perform as investments We achieve capital growth and income through targeting properties where superior returns can be gained from active management and strategies not often recognised by other property managers.

Our partners include leaders such as Caltex, BP and Shell as well as the whole range of smaller independents who've set their sights on growth and success.

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Srini Corporate

Specialised Active Asset Development Management

The Srini Group builds, manages and markets construction and residential freehold properties. Our specialisation is in fuel stations, service workshops, convenience store businesses, news agencies, NSW lottery shops and grocery stores – assets which provide opportunities for strategic rejuvenation.

In addition to the building or refurbishment process, The Srini Group applies its unique expertise to manage these businesses to become profitable enterprises for future investors.

The combined experience of almost half a century in our group has allowed us to develop leading streamlined practices that add long term profitability and sustainability.

The result is a better investment for our partners.


Srini Divisions

The Srini Division consist of 4 areas: C-Retail, Petroform, MSR Developments and Sree Muvva Foundation.
The Srini Group applies its unique expertise to manage these businesses to become profitable enterprises for future investors.



Convenience retail has become a major force, not just in service stations but in response to the growth of today's cities. The Srini Group has developed a proven expertise that ranges from site analysis and development and building all the way to everyday merchandising and operations for a long term profitable investment.                                                                                                                                                                                                 

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Equipped in the design and installation of all fuel supply infrastructure, with a highly innovative operational model that allows streamlined project management and completion including all planning and compliance requirements. This allows the fuel service business to be renewed with minimal downtime and return to peak revenue more quickly.

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MSR Developments

MSR Developments

Is the engine that drives our developments, realising our planning, ideas and expertise in profitable properties. The Srini Group's specialisation is in recognising an asset's true potential value and achieving that potential for our partners with minimal bureaucracy and delay through a proven streamlined and profitable development.                                                                                                                                                                                                 

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Sri Muvva Foundation

Sree Muvva Foundation

Our company has strong links with India. The Sree Muvva Foundation has been set up as a vehicle to share the success of the The Srini Group to enhance development in the subcontinent. An example of this work is the provision of a water purification system to service 10,000 people in the Pedaparimi village with plans for a major sewage system.

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